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Does San Padro Cactus have more Mescaline than Peyote?

I have heard that the San Pedro Cactus is a good substitute for Peyote. My question is, does it have more Mescaline than Peyote? Is it legal to buy/grow in the U.S?
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I don't know if is legal buy and grow Peyote, about San Pedro I am sure that is legal (we have many sites in u.s where buy Tricho...)

about Mescal, to consume a Peyote will necessary 10 years, with a tricho from Growing 1/2 years are good to do a ceremony, and so Peyote is most potent I think, and thinking another time, illegal in u.s. (if you don't follow a determinate religion)

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San pedro is said to have more mescaline in it compared with peyote.
The use of san pedro (wachuma) is older then the use of peyote.

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