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Datura stramonium

A friend of mine has a datura :lolwsign: in his garden and maybe there is someone who can tell me the dose to take. I've heard it's real dangerous if you get the dose wrong Sick :high:.
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There is no standard dose for datura in number of seeds or foliage. Each plant has a different potency for 1 plant 1 seeds could do the trick as for the next one you need 10 for the same effect.

If your just doing it to get high please abstain as this is no toy only the really experienced or the really brave/stupid ones should try this. Or if your into things like shamanism and the likes of that.
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Thanks man, i don't know if we really should try this, we're experienced, no doubt about that. But I also think that you can count us with the stupid ones :grin:. We'll see, we'll start with one seed. Is the juice or the leaves also good for consumption or is it best to stick with the seeds?
Impossible to walk in this mud! no footing at all!
I read somewhere that the seeds are best (most potent) But you can try mixing some dried flowers or foliage with some weed.

Should give a nice buzz but start out low to see what your tolerance is.
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I'm gonna try mixing some with weed. My friend says that it's a one-year plant and his father grows it by cloning it. Therefor the plant doesn't get fertilized and doesn't produce seeds. bummer. But the flower and the leaves should do the trick. Thanks for the quick replies, the info is real helpfull Cool.Now it's time to rush to the garden :grin:
Impossible to walk in this mud! no footing at all!
Your welcome 'n enjoy :thumbup:
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Datura seeds are *incredibly* potent and it's the least desirable part because of that.

This plant has potent lethal poisons.
It's 'high' is a symptom of acute poisoning, not a trip by all means. It's a full blown delusional state that can last more than one day and cause permanent damage.

Visual distortion and inability to focus and read can last weeks.

It is not a high. If you're gonna do it at least know its implications and do your homework.
And if you knew its implications you wouldn't be posting about it here or asking for dosage advice.

So, my advice is: DO NOT DO IT.
And i really mean it dude. For your own sake. Have you even read any datura trip reports?
O conteúdo deste post é totalmente ficcionado. Tenho apenas muita imaginação... Wink
Citation : I've heard it's real dangerous if you get the dose wrong

No it's real dangerous whether you get the dose wrong or right. Both in direct pharmacological action of these chemicals in your body and in terms of the damage you can do to yourself and others while under the effect.

Weed Leads Teens to ICU - Jul 2004
Young Hiker Found Dead After Datura Use - Jul 2004
School Warns Parents About Jimson Weed - Nov 3 2003
Student Cuts Off Penis and Tongue After Drinking Datura Tea - Sep 23 2003
Datura-related Hospitalizations in South Africa - June 2003
Local Teens Eating Hallucinogenic Weed - Oct 3 2002

From erowid's datura vault ( http://www.erowid.org/plants/datura/datura.shtml )

Dammit people if ya want to get high go do some drugs, don't poison yourself with deliriants.
O conteúdo deste post é totalmente ficcionado. Tenho apenas muita imaginação... Wink
Too true indeed another bad aspect is that you forget you took some drugs to get to that delusional state. It can be enjoyable in really low dose but yo never know how potent it is so its very dangerous.

People have known to die from this so....and dont forget that german kid who cut out his tongue and chopped of his willy cauze voices in his head told him so after taking a cup of datura tea (he survived). :smirk:
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Student Cuts Off Penis and Tongue After Drinking Datura Tea - Sep 23 2003

Damn you beat me to it.....
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Yes, datura seems really dangerous to me, allmost everything I red about it was bad or really bad. On school the teacher dutch made us analyse a text. In that text there was the story of I guy how had taken it and got totally dehydrated.

But the most impresive trip report I've ever read on datura was this one: http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=17700 If you want to read something really impresive, read that one.
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Damn! thats a havy trip man! O was thinking to get some datura seeds, but i think i pas on this one.
The turtle moves!
Damn thats one of the best trip reports I've ever read! Hilarious aftermath Tounge Haha totaly naked, running around yelling: "IM THE TERMINATOR!" Priceless...

Hm come to think of it, this summer I might try to get someone so drunk that I can convince that person doing that!
I don't wanna lose my willy! that tongue doesn't bother me Wink HELL NO! Maybe this stuff isn't the right thing for me. I like tripping because of al the green and the crazy situations Happywide but if you tell me that it's not a trip and it's really acute poisening than i'm not gonna do it. The stuff's drying. Luck that we already didn't start with it.
Let's stick to shrooms Cool
Thanks man.
Impossible to walk in this mud! no footing at all!
waaaah, hellofastory indeed! alright, that one i'll recommend to people who seriously wanna try datura. Wink
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Damn! that terminator-trip's something allright. It's an experience! If i'm going to do it i'll take his advice and go far away from civilisation, with some friends for a week or so! But still..i'm not sure this shit begins to scare the hell out of me and that's not a good way to start tripping on it! Sick
Impossible to walk in this mud! no footing at all!
hey man,

i can took datura seeds couple of times in dosage like 40-60 seeds, one time 100 and one time over a week, every day.

It takes long until the first effects are there, you will be normal than zzzuuuUm..your sitting with your frind talking about something and whoooosss...are you back in your body and ask yourself : did i talk to him? you gonna talk again with many things like a brush, some aircondition( my called: should i make you fresssssh? Wink ) and so on. The main thing is that the hallucinations aren't like on shrooms,lsd they are just real, you are sitting in this hallucinationacting like normal,talking, and than you are back in your body,
many things more but i'm not sure if datura is cool with telling you tah...so...

The problem is the deadly side of datura, eat 40 seeds and you'll die, eat 100 and you'll be spaced out, eat another time 15 and you die...it's like russian rolette but there you die faster with less pain....
You're throath gonna be drie like nothing else in your life, u can drink and drink and nothing happens it not goes down your throath..serious stuff buddy so onething i tellyou you need to have in your mind that you not gonna die this fast..understand?
If you thing on a shroom trip you gonna die it's also serious but you gonna get your mind/body back after couple of houres, but if you get lost in daturas wold ( whats so clear you can't deal with this plant) and you feel that your lungs are drie, the black in your eyes are not longer round it's like pulled up on one side like your dead, and you will just fall down because you have no power left, and sleeping is the only thing what helps but datura dosen't let you sleep youz will roll around, grabbing invisible things and talking to nobody...

I'm not kidding man thing about and i hope i seem like a psycotic bastard Wink
Don't think about reality, it's gone, but it will find us back!
lol ,erowid has many more like the terminator story,
and frankly , it doesn't sound like fun at all

most of the stories go like , i took that much , and then after 20 minutes started trippin , and next thing you know, you're in jail , hospital or the looney farm, and when they released me , i was still trippin or , they put me in the suicide watch untill i stopped tripping..

man , they say lsd is potent , but at least you know one thing, after 12 hours tops, you'll snap out of it

you'll also remember every part of the experience, zero risk of OD'ing and all in all , most folks remain fairly immobile when they do go deep...

these kind of stories just make me more and more confident that there isn't much reason to look for alternatives to dr Hofmann's potion
" we're your friends
we're not like the others man , really."
I've never taken datura myself, but i suggest you pack a bowl (not too big), smoke, wait for the effects and simply smoke more if required. That would be the most logic thing to do.
Mmma mia!!
the datura was my first psichedelick expirience, and untill trying Ayahuasca 2 years later I thought that it will be the most intense..
But I nearly poisoned myself :roll: 7 years ago.
because I was chewiing and eating lots of seeds several days in a line( I do NOT want someone to try it after readind THIS, so I will not say how many seeds and how many days).. I was still teenager then and didn't knew ANYTHING abot psichonautics, not even heard about the Erowid,not even had internet in my home at that time..
Now after done it AND reading loads of info about it still can say, that I KNOW nothing about It fos SHURE exept IT'S is a miracle I'm still alive..

The datura is a deliriant, not a "clasical" psichedelick and its realy TOXIC!!
There are diferent variations of the speeshes, D. Stramonium is most common here in Bulgaria, but there is also the beautifull D.Inoxia.
Both contains atropine, scopolamine and histocyamine, all the three chemicals are toxic and can have not only psychopactive effect BUT also can be dedly
One can never know the proportion and the concentration of these chemicals in the seeds, leafs or other parts of the diferent plants ..
The "hidden catch" is that all the three chemicals stays in the body for about 100 days...and they AKOMULATE.
It means that a single seed, leaf or flower can not kill you (unless you're alergick maybe) but if you eat hundred(s) of them even in 3 months this can be fatal and maybe lethal.
Deadly I meen..Wink

The active dose is very very close to the LD-50 dose, and that means NO FUN AT ALL.(anyway, the expiriense is realy brutal depending on the dose and the saturation of the body with alcaloids can last from few days to even few weeks AFTER the last seed taken... the throat gets dry like glasspapir(eating anythig almost not posible for hours, and when I noticed that it's imposible for me to urinate one evening I realised that the situation is serious.. I went out in the night walking in my body in a compeatly different world, the thought of some medical help coinsidently mached with the window of a closed shop for medical gear(catetars, skalpels, needels).. just seeng that ugly stuff made me to re-think the "calling the emergency" idea
and in that point somehow my Shadow came to say "Halo, I'm you. standing infront The Light" just behind my back, and some part of my big-big "EGO" just dyied that night....
I clearly remember how I was walking and touching lots of the familiar trees but no seeng any buildings, cars nor people, only few cats..
I clearly remember touching one flowering plum-tree and most of the flowers felt down in the same moment.. the tree gave me some energy , which I needed that night, and I thanked it,I remember drinking from fron a waterplace in a chuch yard on the hill in the downtown, then I remember going to the river, which goes through the town, andd sitting next to an enourmous willow tree,about a kilometer away from my home, waiting for my perception and my sences to come back to normal..(Im so lucky to live in a peacefull eastern european town with not so much cars in the nightWink)
In the days and even weeks later I had realy strong "echo-efects"(flashbacks++?) lasting for hours almost every day, and it was realy not easy to hide this from the people around..But It's posible.

I was about going crazy the next days but fortunately the books of Carlos Castaneda found me by acsident and probably saved the poor "me" from the madhouse, helping me to understand what realy happend to me.
Soon AND later, after trying one and another strong psichedelics I desided NOT to take datura any more for good..

The datura expirience is Not a (good or bad) TRIP, It's a HARDSHIP (an ORDEAL?)
It leevs you no choice, it strips youre litle conciousness naked infront The Almighty Chaos.. And IF It dont like something in you, It just erazes that thing(s) or even can erase all at once. But after taking it It's not you , Who makes that choice*. That's IT.
One can survive It and become stronger, other can obtain a permanent mental disorder, and somebody can even DIE.

But whatewer of three of them, It's "once in a lifetime expirience"
which usualy changes the life that is left.

I had that crazy luck to ty it before the "DMT-meskaline-LSD & mushrooms"
which made me "imune" to so called "bad-trips", but I pesonaly know people who regret their datura expiriences even decades after the intoxication.

If I've been found by the mushromms before the datura probably I would never tryied it at all.
But I'm thankful to the plant for the aspect of The Unknown and maybe of The Unknowable, which found me than, but anyway
"It's better not tryin'.."

p.s. If the mushroom trip is like a few hour walk in an an unknown mountain, if the meskaline trip is like daywalk in the desert and the Aiahuasca is like a night walk in the rainforest,
the Datura ordeal is like an invisible string over a deep rocky riverbed hundred(s) meters below, and once you step on it, in ANY moment you can become jyst a stain of dirt..or food for the plants.
It's like throwing bones(dices?) with the Destiny, and doing it once is MORE than enough.

p.p.s. And it's definetely NOT for wimen :!:
(sorry if my english is not perfect, but maybe this story will help someone to make a SMART choice, before taking that risk(chance?) This story is not so dramatick like the story of the TRMINATOR guy, but it was more than real to me, even if some parts sound a little bit like a dream. It's because the datura alkaloids shift the dreem and the wake states of cerebral activity during the effects.. It's bizare(twisted?))
*and maybe other choices later too.. after the datura nothing is shure any more..
either Ewerything is shure.
these are just words invented by the limited mind after all.
Shudhosi, budhosi, niranjanosi
sansare-maya parivarji tosi
sansare svapanam tyaya moha nidram
nigan-ma mrityor twai-sat svaroope
great report and knowledge, patilan420, thanks for sharing! Happywide

Big Boom
Heh everyone advices not to try datura, it's poison, but I think every psychonaut should try everything =)
I tried atropine (it's similar), I felt terrible, but it was interesting =)
Consillium insepti ego sum...
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Great post Patilan!

I have recently started reading about shamanism, so I have become very interested in Datura. Even moreso after reading trip reports on the net, and reading the first Castaneda book. I would like to try it someday, but not until years down the road when I'm fully educated about shamanism and this particular plant.

Anyone who is going to try this should take a very low dose, be far away from civilization, and have a sitter, possibly several sitters (so they can be on shifts as it may last for days) to watch and protect you. You would also have read a bunch on the subject, and possibly spoken with someone who has experience.
[Image: qa.gif]
Citation : these kind of stories just make me more and more confident that there isn't much reason to look for alternatives to dr Hofmann's potion

Hofmann's potion lost my interest after I tripped hard on mushrooms the first time.
Install a mental antivirus: http://www.triviumeducation.com/ (it's 100% free, no strings attached)
Where does this idea come from that lsd is much heavier then shrooms???
If you think lsd is stronger then mushrooms, you just haven't had the right amount of shrooms yet...
What does everyone on this forum know about Datura stramonium. I've been reading up on it and it sounds amazing, but at the same time very frightening because the minimum effects and the OD is very close. Does anyone have any experience with this substance. Everything that is know about it is welcome; how long is lasts, whats a good dose; what it is like etc...

It's very much like riding an enormous roller coaster, once that baby rolls out of the station, do not stand up, do not try to climb out of your car, shut up and hang on, with the faith that most people have lived through this--Terence McKenna
I hope this gives you some clue...

I know this guy, he told me a little about datura;

He saw this bush, he picked a flower, he licked some couple of times with he's tongue over the leaves of the flowers (very carefully and aware of the "danger" so it seemed), notthing really happend, tho, he feels light or sleepy, as far as i can remember... He whent to sleep and he had the most bizar, confrontating, lucid dream ever (he had lucid dreams before, but not like that)... very machine-like, he flew into a big city, all grey, big platforms and cubes, and he met these grey's.... quite a hectic story actually ...... lucid dreams :roll:

The way he spoke about he's experience, made me very curious to this datura since then.


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well where to start really? datura is probably one of the most intense legal drugs around i myself have never had the guts to try it but ive read a lot on erowid seems like a decent dose is around 10-15 seeds effects vary including intense visuals, seeing many friends from the past, thinking you have a cigarrette and many other little tidbits however the interesting thing is while high on datura its like youre in a dream in that you believe everythign you see is real whereas with other drugs you know youre just tripping. in some cases effects have lasted up to 3 days and minor effects lasting up to a week or two thats what i know off the top of my head but man if youre gonna give it a try i highly suggest a sitter and a lot of meditation beforehand let us know how it goes!
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Firstly, I shall start by saying I am an experienced psychonaut who's done about every psychedelic there is. I had great times on them.

There was one time I almost died though. It was the time I tried Datura.

I urge you not to do Datura. It is classified NOT as a psychedlic but as a DELERIANT POISON.

It makes you mad, some people lose themselves forever, some have chronic headaches for years , some lose the plot and kill themselves. I have heard of many cases both in India and the UK.

I urge you NOT to do this drug. Do so but be aware you are risking your life. It is NOT a recreational drug.
Let me first say, any substance I injest is not for recreational purposes. And I am not interested in taking this drug at the moment. It sounds way to dangerous, I would only do it under the supervision of a shaman. It sounds like one of the most spritual drugs there are and you must treat it with the highest most greatest respect. And I know i'm not ready until I know virutally everything about it, and maybe when i'm about 40 ill consider trying it, im only 17 right now.
It's very much like riding an enormous roller coaster, once that baby rolls out of the station, do not stand up, do not try to climb out of your car, shut up and hang on, with the faith that most people have lived through this--Terence McKenna

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