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Crowdfunding posting question


So I have this new project I`m about to launch, which are some analysis kits to test different substances. It is significantly more thorough than the simple color tests (from dancesafe org etc).

As mentioned, this project is just starting, and at the moment I`m gonna need to do some crowdfunding at indiegogo which I`ll start today or tomorrow, to purchase bulk material. I was wondering if it was ok to make a thread about it here in the drugs forum, and if so, where would be the most appropriate subforum for it?

I don`t want to do something that can be considered a spam, or create any trouble, but I will really need help to get this off the ground and I seriously think people here will be able to make great use since this kit will be perfect those trying to research plants that contain wanted or unwanted alkaloids, or to find adulteration in different drugs, etc...

So let me know! We already have a website and a video of how the kit works, that I can pm mods or admins before I start the thread, if desired

Be well and thanks!

ps: I had another account but lost my password
What is the project?
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I'm the OP..

Since then my crowdfunding campaign didn't get the amount I aimed for, so I had to rethink the plan. After that attempt, I met the head of the Bunk Police and was able to get them to purchase the bulk material and distribute the kits. They are already out since last month!

Tomorrow we are releasing thousands of high quality videos with GC-MS tested substances and different reagents for free. Can I post a link to the kits in the forum, or at least to the free videos page? I think this can really save lifes.

Is there any paid advertisement/forum supporter possibility ? Would be good if it could help the forum at the same time as get people to know about this harm reduction tool.

i was just want to ask why you not add proper health thread in this blog even a minor discussion discuss in this blog but not a proper thread add in this blog even a good visitor visit everyday and wants to get healthy tips about health.Thanks
urgent care brooklyn heights
I wound't mind starting a project but I doubt anyone would fund me, I'm just that kinda person really
when i was at ultra they had testing kits and it was simple to use and FREE

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