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Cannabis in Morocco

Hello thereWink

I wonder if anyone could tell me anything about the legislation of cannabis in Morocco. Is it legal to consume it?


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As far as I know canabis isn't legal at any place in the world. Just make sure that the police or autorities won't get you, if they do make sure you have enough money.
when i was in morocco, they were amazed that i DIDN'T want to buy hashish! i wasn't there to smoke. when i want to smoke, i smoke it in the places i know...it's wiser! it is easy to get blackmailed or caught when you are doing illegal things out of your (our) country!
Be carefully when you buy our drugs there ,I've read story's of people who buyed drugs from a "dealer" who coorporated with the police and they almost got in very serious problems. So just watch out ,those things happen quite often there i've heard.So no ,it's illegal ,although the police knows the dealers very well ,but they close an eye for some money ,an they try to get more money out of tourists Smile . That's what I have heard ,maybe it's just a local thing.
Hey this isn't news, please post in general psychonautics....
Cannabis, Hashish, all derivates are illegal ;
but it is a strongly anchored tradition in the north part of the country ;

The mountainious area is called the Riff and extends from Tanger, on the north-west atlantic coast to the east 'til the algerian border;

local prices ? well err.. around 1,5 euro ~ 10 grs Smile lol , and thats at the first field corner
DeclAre yOuR IndepeNdencE, ch00se freEdOm
daytripper is right, you don't want to get in jail in morocco :?
as we separate and compare
As a tourist on a package holiday you should be O.K. If you go alone , are a drug tourist it can be HELL . I´ve been there "more than once" . In moroco the cells have 30 people in them , all waiting to fuck tourists in the ass , ( especialy if you have long / blond hair ) and a bucket in the corner to shit in . 5 years for drugs is nothing . The morocan police are like the worst mexican police men you see in american westerns , machos and nazis , and all the horror stories you have , and have not . heard are TRUE . This is NOT europe . A small piece of dope can cost you 500$ if you buy it from a bad dealer and have the LUCK of being able to buy/pay his cousin the police man , instead of going to jail . They are poor and hungry and they know you as a ( drug ) tourist have their money in your pocket and no protection and nowhere to hide . Sounds bad ? Well its worse ! Have you ever been profesionaly hunted / haunted , anoyed and hassled ? Do you think you are cool , if you go there alone you will find out if you realy are . The customs / zoll coming out of moroco by boat are BAD . They like to keep you hanging around , to make you sweat , and then X ray the nervous . I got thrown out to ceuta with a cocked maschine gun , with finger on the trigger , pointing at my head and told not to come back . I had only jeans and a tshirt on plus 6 euro cents and my passport . I got so hassled at every customs because of the morocan stamp that i threw my passport away and got anotherone . It was not my last visit there , allthough my name was on a list for a long time . I just had to go in through melila instead .

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