Bill Hicks
Genius stand up comedian. Died from cancer at the age of 32 in 1994.
Has a great point of view about all the things that inhabit our daily lives and are the reason the world is still one big mess...

Psychonaut's mandatory!
To bad Relentless isn't on the web 'cause that was one of his best shows...

Here's Bill Hicks' One Night Stand
He's a funny guy. Make big laugh :lol:
A log of my Journey with Salvia
*The point of life is to taste the fruit and savor their juices
*If it grows in nature on it's own it will certainly grown @ home Big Grin
*I said no to drugs but they didn't listen
Bill Hicks was a source of inspiration for countless of people and a genious of his trade. I definitely recommend his material to everybody.
"I'm all over myself - I'm all over the place - I AM the place"
that was freakin' nice...
Omdat je het niet snapt, betekent dat nog niet dat ik geen gelijk heb.

Hidalgo: Time is just a lame excuse from nature for not letting everything happen at once...
Fking great
everything he speaks about is pretty much my vision of the world
and he just makes it into a nice stand up comedy show also Big Grin
gonna look up more about him for sure
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he also has a nice show about drugs and evolution.

''True, with drugs, i've had good AND bad experiences, but i've also had good and bad relationships, and i'm not giving up pussy.''

"By forbidding Marihuana is like saying god made a mistake"

on youtube there are quite some shows you can watch. funny guy

reality is for people who can't handle drugs
I find it so interesting how dudes such as Hicks and Kaufman can get such wacky cancers at such a young age.

Tor Hershman's "Chanting The Name Of The Turd" - YouTube
I knew him some time ago.. One of the few comedians able to make people laugh while criticizing our society
Some friends were hoping their second child would be a girl, and they even had a name picked out. The ultrasound didn't reveal the baby's sex, though, and since the expectant father had orders from the Navy to ship out before the due date, he told his wife, "We'd better pick out a boy's name, just in case." But when it was time for him to report for duty, they still hadn't decided. At sea a few weeks later, he got notification that his son, Justin Kase, had been born.
A lot of comedians who speak the naked truth tend to die early in life.
The fact that Bill is no longer with us today pains me. We need his brand of cynicism tinged with his cautious optimism in our lives to remind us that we can be better than who we are

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