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We reserved some space for sponsored banners or text links on the psychonaut website.

At the moment we receive more than 100,000 unique visitors each month, and we're still growing fast. Visitors come from all over the world, but most visitors come from the USA and France.

Available positions:

Size pixels: 728 x 90 (top) / 468 x 60 (bottom)
Format: jpg, gif, animated

Prices and further information

Prices start as low as $75/€55 per month. Tailored campaigns are possible, allowing to aim your ads at specific countries or languages.

For further details, contact us at or send a PM to Admin

About is a rapidly expanding, international community for those with a deep interest in exploring the mind in different ways.

Why advertisements?

Sharing information and ideas are the main purposes of the participators of our online community, and all earnings will be spent on the further development, maintenance and improvement of our community. We are also willing to support initiatives that aim for scientific acknowledgement of psychedelics as potential medicines and/or spiritual healers.

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