A song that woke me up this morning
... there's hardly anything that can wake me up in the morning. I mean not only wake up from sleep, but really wake up mentally and physically so that I actually get up from bed. Usually a huge dose of adrenalin does the job when I see the alarm clock and I'm already late.

This morning, music did the job: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A-fuFeRekE

It played on the radio (thank god we finally have one good radio station!) and it really made me get up dancing. Don't care for the other stuff Robyn makes, but this one is a Dancehall-cover from MadCobra, juiced up with an Electro beat. Very nice!
The Gnomes have learned a new way to say hoooray!
cool !!! Thanks for sharing. Di dang di dang di dang digi digi :lol:

This is THE kick-ass song, I swear:
"But in its true meaning, the sense of responsibility is something completely voluntary; it is my answer to the pronounced or unpronounced wanting of another human being. Feeling 'responsible' for someone else, means being able and ready to 'answer'" - Erich Fromm

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