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Thread Contributor: Cheriwalsh7Is there a possibility to become a Psychonaut without taking drugs?

I'm wondering if everyone can become a Psychonaut without even taking drugs like LSD,magic mushrooms or other psychedelics.. :?

What do you think guys?? Idea:?:
Reality is far beyond human perception and intuition.
Totally. Exploring dreams and meditating for example can make you travail in some pretty crazy places I heard.
Mes trips reports : The Death of Utopia, The Begining of the Dream

Le lâcher prise, c'est accepter de redevenir un enfant.
Ce qui importe avec l’expérience psychédélique, ou plus généralement spirituelle, ce n’est pas la vérité que l’on croit toucher du doigt, mais bien le chemin qu’elle nous fait parcourir sur notre rapport au soi, aux autres et à la vie.
With no doubt, you can be a psychonaut and not taking drugs
I couldn't. I tried to, but I failed.
4g dried up shrooms sure put me straight when the trip is over.
After my ego death a lot has changed, without them shrooms I would've never seen the light.
Ofcourse i see it as a place to get informed, for everyone who wants
Thank you guys.. I asked this question because I tried it through meditating only without taking any psychedelic drugs but I failed becoming a Psychonaut even in just a short period of time.
Reality is far beyond human perception and intuition.

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