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Thread Contributor: Lutin_malinPublic dump
Hi there!
Did you know that all the e-mail addresses of this website's users have been dumped on a public website next to the user id?
I just stumbled on that by luck... or rather lack of. :Oo:
It seems to me that this kind of news would have deserved an e-mail announcement, and I don't recall receiving any.
I'd ask for my account to be deleted but that wouldn't help with anything, now that the cat is out of the bag.
I'm not going to link the dump, but you'll find it easily.
If you need me, I'll be in the restroom, throwing all my stash down the toilet. :paranoid::lol:
Can't find it, can you share the url please?
Better not to share it in public imo
We are aware the database has been dumped by so called hackers some time in the past. It was due to a security hole in a mod installed on vBulletin that is now deactivated.
I find a .txt file. Do you talk about this ?
[Image: 37qdi.png]
I contact Google about this file.
They accept to dereference the file, but it's probably only on the european version of Google.
I try to convince them with their policy and not with the UE's laws.
Furthermore, the txt file will be eternally available on the host's site.
I will keep you informed.
[Image: 37qdi.png]
[edited your link for safety purposes]

Right here. Wtf good thing i used a dummy pw for my account wtf
Bullshit. Your password is the last thing that interests hackers. Using a mail address with your real name could be more problematic when looking for high security jobs and stuff like that.
But your password, whatever it was, you can change it everywhere. And secondly, it is encrypted in the database.

Do you know that a lot of MAJOR sites have regularly there DB dumped ? DBs that host potentially your credit card number, DB from your home energy provider for example. But those DBs don't go public. Companies pay to get their DB back without public knowledge of the hack.

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