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This insane world...
I am watching a very interesting video now (that I may link this thread to at a later date) that is going into the more esoteric clues of 9/11 and other events. I leanrt something I hadn't known before, or if I had had forgotten. That the Columbine killers had been reported to have dreamt/fantasized of hijacking a plane and flying it into the world trade centre! That is a very eerie connection to the false flag of 9/11, and it inspired me to go on a little bit about psychonautica here.

MAYbe, some people assume that being a psychonaut is an exploration of the 'inner realms' and that might include trying different consciousness-changing concoctions. But for me the inner and outer realms form a dynamic continuum, and when I said before that to understand sanity you have to be prepared to explore insanity...? THAT is what this thread is about.

Some --as we have seen (though I don't have to now :tonqeSmile see this as a BUMMER, and try and resist, when the 'trip' gets too....whatever they see it getting... and they freak out and scream 'stop STOP!!'---but no no no. Do not stop. Dive in. For that is what being a real psychonaut is all about...
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
I want to add, that I am aware this CAN be disturbing for people to really look into, and that is why I also talk about the deeper mythological basis of it all. That means to understand patriarchal thinking which is the roots of mind control because it is all about divide and control. So my grounding in sanity as I explore insanity is the seeing through of the patriarchal myths which divide and control.

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Well people guess what? Now we have another similar event reminiscent of the Paris Charlie Hebdo shooting in Copenhagen. IS it same script writer on a smaller budget? What dya think?
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Whyra a écrit :For some people it never occurs that They are "the elite" in this world.

In fact I'm pretty sure that all of us on this board are part of the richest minority in the world.

We psychonauts are the enlighted ones. Psychedelics learnt us how to take it all with ease after we've been outside our comfort zone. I do consider myself with the elites and 1% based on all that I have been through as a psychonaut and the way I have perceived this world. 99% of the world's population shall never reach the levels of transcendence just as a psychonaut does with high doses of psychedelics for years. Freemasons, the Illuminati were in fact the psychonauts of past centuries in an era when liberated thought patterns were only present by those who dared and sought.
An asshole friend of mine claims he mixed speed with dmt and tripped for 14 hours. He injected 800 mg dmt. Do you really think its possible?

I've smoked dmt twice n d trip lasted hardly 8-9 minutes.

Please reply.
In my last trip it shouted out people are repeating over and over again what we can do.
But we are in hypnosis by reality.
Or by some reality. I, myself, puzzle more then often how to overcome a problem like this... The "insane world".
But we keep repeating problems without ever offering a solution.

This isn't just a conspiray, everybody is pushing buttons that drives the world insane... In stead of pointing fingers, what can we do?
Think about breakfast, look at your breakfast table and imagine how many labour it took for all those items on it to reach your breakfast table. And that's just breakfast!!! The day hasn't even begon.... What got us so lazy that we can't even make our own breakfast?

Just pause and think, look around and still you won't grasp one quarter of insanity you are causing yourself. Just as any other human being as myself.
You have to see the enemy. A big part OF their mind-control is trying to get you to blame other groups, and/or yourself. ANYTHING to stop all of us looking at THEM. The very small percent who sit on unimaginable wealth they have robbed from all the people, all the species and planet Earth. THEM! They are the ones concocting wars and more wars for THEIR profits. When did you get round a table and plan a false flag to make excuse for a war...?

Of course I am not saying that each one of us ins't reponsible. But our responsibility is to becomes AWARE of who are the real conspiracy. To NOT buy their blullshit.

To ask questions: What do they do? How do they divide and control. The looking into it undermines it.
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
You do know, some of them can't go out in public places anymore? Smile
That's because so many have woken up to the fact, and want answers. They can't go in public places anymore because there will be people with cameras for their youtube accounts lol. To me that's quite much Smile
They divide and control because we are dumb enough to let them. What about a monetairy reset?

I've been fighting too hard and it got me to a point where I'm homeless. I sleep where i can, mostly in my car. When the weather is clearing up I will put out my tent and fish for trout Smile Sometimes from this position I wish I could buy more bullshit lol.... But then again, I've never been this free.... I don't need to pay bills, but it do comes with great sacrifices....

And who said countries should be divided by wars? That's so retro. Smile If we become all homeless, there's nothing to fight for.
Finarfin a écrit :True insanity just like addiction i think is a sickness.
Psychedelics can be used recreationally but can also be used to heal. There are other ways of healing as well. What we need is the healing of humanity. But some people don, t think they are sick and do not want to be healed just like some people don, t want to learn and stay stupid. What can you do about it?
Start with the self.

What about animal rights??? Look how we nurse our fellow creatures on this earth....
Should we go vegan? Not necessarily, but we do take a lot more then is needed. And we can eat something from around the corner too, but we choose exotic items.
Start with those who can't help themselves too? What about monkeys in labs being tortured for human brain research? What got us so scared of death that we are killing everything else to overcome this problem.
My way is to go deep deep deep--as I see it. Questioning takes you into deep places.
Had a weird experience several days ago. I read this woman who seemed to be going very deep and was talking about the 'capitalist patriarchy'
Citation :The crucial significance of especially this last process of the transformation and substitution of nature and women has almost never been recognized.

...In short, the Gnostic view, which is so typical of all the other patriarchal ideologies until today, did not work against patriarchy, though it correctly “recognized” many of the evils that it brought to the world. For the conclusions drawn from of this recognition were no longer oriented toward a matriarchal world. The evils recognized by the Gnosis were not considered to be those of a patriarchal society. They were considered, instead, to be of society in general, of “the world,” of people, and even nature everywhere. The difference between a matriarchal society and a patriarchal one, or between society and nature, or between the ruling and the ruled, was no longer thought of. At that time, patriarchy was already taken for granted.

The Gnostic view had accepted the State. It did not question it any more, and those who could afford it tried to flee its consequences and its ugliness. In this way, the two main tendencies in thinking about patriarchal society came about: idealism and materialism. The two should not therefore be regarded, as usual, as pure contradictions, but as two sides of one coin, the “Siamese twins” of patriarchy: the “materialistic” side fighting actively against the lasting importance of “mat- ter,” the mater-mother, nature, the goddess, and life, in order to get them under control, and the “idealistic” side propagating the ideal of a motherless world, a purely patriarchal utopian paradise that seems peaceful because it appears to have finally resolved the contradictions with the material, matriarchal world or what remains of it. Idealism thus proves to be no less violent than materialism, because it is formulating the idea that became the project of a material realization, which cannot be other than radically violent. Women and The Gift Economy

So I was very impressed, and wanted to share with her what I have been and am learning about the patriarchy, especoally to do with their false flag of 9/11 and pst 9/11, and so sent the author of the article this email:


I have just finished reading your very powerful article Capitalist Patriarchy and the Negation of Matriarchy. I agree with a lot of what you say, but feel the need to inquire with you about this seemingly very taboo part of what is going on.

I became more and more aware of this post the 9/11 attacks in NYC. I became very aware that the ones behind the curtain so to speak are using magick to do what they are doing. Pushing their Gnostic agenda. A great prophet of theirs is Aliester Crowley 'Do What Thou Wilt Shall be The Whole of The Law', a Law of Thelema which he claims to have channeled through an entity he named AIWASS.

Anyhow, these people--who follow a Satanic/Luciferian belief, use numbers (numerology, gematria) and symbolism, and occult astrology and so on, in a very obsessive controlling way which is secret and yet hidden in plain sight. By this is meant that for the ones willing to LOOK and SEE you can see, but for others they either ridicule this kind of research are remain totally silent when approached about it, or deny it.

I have always deeply respected psychedelics for helping us, inspiring people to see through the patriarchal layers of mindcontrol, and undoing its divide and control strategy which very centrally include dividing us from our sensuality and deep relationship with the natural world and others and other species. So I have been very shocked that in trying to engage people from the psychedelic community, both leaders and followers, in forums, Facebook pages and so on, I have been met with almost total silence, the only response was from a so-called radical activist who censored my relevant posts, warned me not to talk about it and then banned me.

YET it is very obvious that these very rich people will try everything to maintain their power and try and establish their absolutely insane agenda for a 'New World Order'.
I see it clearly that until people begin facing this stuff then they are in a limited hangout. They are deliberately avoiding looking at the Elephant in the Room.

Two good books I recommend are Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order, by William Ramsey; The Most Dangerous Book in the World, by S.K.Bain , and this video: Do You Believe In Magick; 911 As A Masonic Ritual

These people look to their ansestors as being 'master builders' of the city-states, their heroes being Hiram Abiff, Nimrod/Marduk. 99.999 of the mostly male researchers onto this can be placed in two camps, Christian or New Age, so in pointing the finger they remain unaware of the patriarchal role they themselves play. This is why it is very important those who see through the patriarchal facade to bring all this out into the open and encourage the questioning and thus undermining of this deep mind control and sorcery.

Kind Regards

Then I received this VERY disappointing reply from her!

Citation :Hi ,

Thanks for your comment on my article.

The black magic scene was never my field. I am so far away from people like Crowley that I cannot approach them. Sorry. Everything has ist limits.

If you want to know more about 911, I think you should read Dr. Judy Wood: „Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11“, 2010.

This is the Elephant in the Room.


What do I see here. I see someone who is quite content to stay in a relative limited hangout. She has no interest in what I brought to the table. there is no mention of surprise, no questions...no interest
She also seems to think that the ridiculous unproven theories of Judy Wood, which I believe are disinformation, are the 'real elephant in the room' and thus tries to undermine what I tried to share with her!
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
But what is going deep? I could've never imagined the GODDESS of the East would rise in a form like this, a new caliphate.
What do you think about that? To talk about a conspiracy ^^
going deep orr deep-errr is asking questions

aint got a clue about rest of your post...?
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Do you remember our chats about 9/11 and islam before the Caliphate rose up in the east? According to the prophecies a Goddess would rise in the east. ISIS. Coincedence one may say, and I think it's fair we keep it to that.
But what I wanted to achieve was, to remind you about the powers ar work. It doesn't have time to explain, it's on an agenda. And it's serving your best intrests too. You ask, you receive, we all ask, we all receive. There's no going back Wink We talked about this before .
Just remember, you are part of this too Wink
'ISIS'...? lol, that isn't the the Goddess I mean. These warmongers suppressed Goddess mythology and people millenia ago. They are the 'builders'--of city-states, and they pretend to honour a Goddess but on their terms.
A good example is the ancient Greek Olympian theocracy where the writers/stroytellers/toxic-mythmakers have Zesus (masculine head of the gods and 'mortals' and nature and cosmos) give birth to the Goddess 'Athena' from his head, and she appears kitted out in armor. Because they were trying to say that only the MALE births the female (thus demoting the original meaning of the Great Mother), and she is part of and supports our warmogering machine!

'ISIS' is a creation OF the ones behind the curtain, used to divide and control and cause excuse for war via propaganda on the gullible who buy this myth

This is who ISIS really is/serves

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
This is so stupid. Zezt does not know what he is talking about. He is just pointing fingers at THEM the others. Psychonauting to me is exploring the inner world. Exploring your own inner psyche.

This whole us against them retoric is what drives the propaganda machine. Zezt is what people call a usefull idiot spreading his anti western propaganda on our forum.
We don, t need this shit. This forum is about psychonauting. This forum is NOT about conspiracy. We do not need alex jones and david icke types here.

This so called conspiracy, s about those terror attacks are just speculation and war propaganda.
There is no difference between the old main stream media and the so called alternative media, it is all propaganda.
There is zero evidence it, s only speculation.
Conspiranoia is a sickness that has infested every little corner of the internet.
I do not believe aleister crowley was evil. I do believe this sickness of conspiranoia is evil because it seems to destroy the minds capacity to think logicaly. People tend to repeat what the high priest of the cult of conspiranoia preach to them (people like alex jones and david icke)
And worst of all this sickness of conspiranoia is not harmless.
This sickness is fucking up minds and may push psychotic over an edge.

On the illuminati and secret society, s
There is a lot of writing about the illuminati, free masons, rosecrusians, oto, golden dawn and other secret orders. These secret society, s claim to have roots that go back to ancient times. However there is no real evidence to back these claims up. What we can say about these orders is that they have there roots in the enlightenment. The period of history when europe changed dramaticly under the influence of the invention of the printing press. Just like today we see dramatic change because of new media.

Most of these secret society, s had there own view on how they wanted to influence and change the world. Some where more mystical or spiritual like the rosecrusians, others where more political or philosopical like the free masons for example. There where many groups with many different view points. Today some of those secret society, s still excists. Some became clubs for wealthy and mighty people the rich and the powerfull. Some of these society, s became criminal and corrupt as well.

Appart from secret society, s there is also the church and the royalty, who also had there own orders, think of the jesuit and the different orders of knights.

So there where many different groups and different players in the game for power.
the illuminati was just one name of one secret society. The illuminati became (in) famous because they infiltrated a lot of other lodges and groups. The illuminati from the beginning was not a very spiritual group. It was more a political and power oriented secret society.

Personally i do not think in terms of good and evil in a strict sense. I think a lot of conspiranoid ideas are very simplistic and cartoon like. A lot of people who read the conspiranoid media have no clue about history. What happens all the time with people who suffer from conspiranoia is that they bring up quotes and completly take them out of context.
As a former history student this gives me a headache because it is sloppy research and sloppy thinking.
I don't know what Greece has to do with Iraq? There's something about that place that rose up to Egypt where their trinity exists of osiris isis and horus. Isis is a goddess if I am not mistaken. This might be where this Jesus paradigm may come from.
The problem zezt is trying to point out is one we can easily overcome. The problem is humanity.
And we fail to understand where our choices are leading to. Being lost on the 666 / www is in fact contributing a whole lot to the problems. Distraction, disinformation, ...
I just hope that we can come to a consensus as a species and reach a higher state of being prosperous for all living creatures. We should stop pointing our fingers and take our future in hands.
Being aware of the elite groups use of occult language is not distraction or disinformation. It is seeing things as they are. But this, in my experience, is a very deep taboo. People don't want to go there. But I will keep prodding you!
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
People are aware of them. Some rose up against it and almost changed it to a third Reich. Which poison do you prefer? Others called humanity out to do something about it and they got shot.
Being aware is 1 overcoming is 2.
What is it we can do to make a difference? Me and my girlfriend are planning to collect signatures to stop experimenting on apes for Alzheimer research. But if humanity keeps fearing death and illness this is a doomed project in advance.
Demahdi a écrit :People are aware of them. Some rose up against it and almost changed it to a third Reich. Which poison do you prefer?

Errrrm pardon me? Care to explain what you mean by that? The Third Reich was inspired by and steeped in occultism!

Citation :Others called humanity out to do something about it and they got shot.
Being aware is 1 overcoming is 2.
What is it we can do to make a difference? Me and my girlfriend are planning to collect signatures to stop experimenting on apes for Alzheimer research. But if humanity keeps fearing death and illness this is a doomed project in advance.

ALWAYS first be aware. Being aware os a form of overcoming obviously, because your awareness is undermining their mindcontrol
I am against animal 'experimentation' which is really torture of enslaved animals.
BUT nthat doesn't mean to say I long for illness and death. I would like to find alternative healing for Alzheimers. If you had someone close to you who had it so, I am hoping, would you. Same with any disease.
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Well there's more then occultism to it... I don't think it's in my English power to nuanciate the true meaning of what I was trying to express there.
Mind control is something we all apply, it's when we become aware we can stop doing it to eachother. But then again, we find ourselves trapped in a reality passing us by faster and faster. There are not many other places to go then to jump "numb with zero mindstate" into this "insane world".

Have you seen the videos of animals being tortured for medical welfare or car safety? There's no justifying that. People die, we get ill, we should learn to accept these errors. We should stop correcting errors and stop playing god by killing off thousand of others by saving 1. Or what does the life of a chimp less worthy then ours ?
I know it's hard on the human psyche when relatives get ill.... But can't our ego and fear step aside in favor of all earhtlings? Do we even know what love is or are we acting out of selfishness?
we agree completely about the horror of animal 'vivisection'

Animals were the first slaves, 'then' women.

Their insane mindset objectifies others, and the 'other' becomes passive material for them to do what they want with. This goes for animals, all other species, humans, and the whole natural world

I am about understanding roots of this insanity. it is the patriarchy and includes their religion, cults, philosophy, occultism, science
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Well I think we should start there, make sacrifices.
New age people like to teach it isn't about sacrifices, but I see no other way.
Thus in this case, we must be prepared to die, we must prepare ourselves that relatives may die. We have come so scared of if we took our entire world as hostage and prisoner as a coward who is afraid to die alone.
MK Ultra is beyond music, beyond tv, it is everywhere... and it's to us to recognize the humming sound of it, find out the root of it and change the message to one of unity, love and peace.
Not through money raising funds, but by simply changing our lifestyle here and now.
zezt a écrit :Being aware of the elite groups use of occult language is not distraction or disinformation. It is seeing things as they are. But this, in my experience, is a very deep taboo. People don't want to go there. But I will keep prodding you!

The meaning of occult is hidden (out of sight). These groups use to be occult because they tried to hide information and knowledge as well as there exsistence from the cross and the crown (the church and the royalty).

The mistake zezt makes is that he thinks in dualistic terms of absolute good and evil. Wrong against right. Male against female, master and slave, I think zezt has a dualistic and cartoon like view on reality. Sort of like how childeren or some teenager see it sometimes.
The world is way more complex then this black and white version of reality.

People and groups are not good or bad in a absolute or strickt sense. Everything and everybody got good and bad sides and a whole spectrum inbetween. Everything got a history behind it.
Things are never as simple as they against us.

The problem with the conspiranoid and the so called truth movement is that it judging to much for my taste. Research (a word the conspiranoid use a lot) is used to judge and to take a moral high ground.
I am not intressted in these conspiranoid priest. I have my own moral code, i do not need these priest to tell me what to think.

I would like to advise zezt and other conspiranoid types to observe more and to judge less. And to try to look at things in a more objective and relaxes way.
But we do observe something utterly wrong in our world, do we not Finarfin?
I'm not talking about an inner psychonaut world. I'm talking about it in general
What world are we leaving kids to come behind?
that is just it. the deep understanding of cycles or better spirals has been suppressed for many. It is mindblowingly ironic. All around, our whole life is spiraling. We go to bed, sleep, and there are cycles of vibrations ---beta, alpha, theta, delata, and then spiraling up to awake, here's the day, day and night and day and night~~~~
We spiral through moods, galaxies spiral, water spirals, and yet people think that life and death do NOT spiral. They believe 'when your dead your dead. THAT'S IT!' thereis no understanding we are all selves spiraling on this wonderful abundant living planet Earth our home. it is really weird. it suits a predatory mindset which uses mindcontrol of divide and rule to divide us from the primordial knowing which many Indigenous peoples and pagan people still have
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Demahdi a écrit :But we do observe something utterly wrong in our world, do we not Finarfin?
I'm not talking about an inner psychonaut world. I'm talking about it in general
What world are we leaving kids to come behind?

Well if you read my previous post you may have noticed that i agree that there is wrongness and injustice in this general world.
I also noticed a little frustration which I almost took personal.
I don't know if you have children, but when I compare my youth with theirs, there has been an evolution in another way. Cultural engineers are not to be taken lightly and I also believe they would kill of Thousands in their benefit.
Though I don't think we should stop at 911 but look all the way back from this current day.
What makes people that dumb to trust in a system that kills off their fellow human being and homeplanet?
Finarfin a écrit :This is what wanted to say. We are all part of this system.
We have our own role in the system.
And when you ask people what they are doing they say there just doing there job.

Now ofcourse there is a elite and there are corporations with to much power.
But i think the whole systeem needs to change from the inside.
It, s not just the top of the pyramid it,s the whole system.
Yeah, that's right. But it's very hard to change inside of this system.

I mean, of course I could just stop being part of the system and go to live in the woods (which would propably kill me in a year since I live in Finland and it's like -30 degrees in winter), stop using electricity and stop buying unethical food from the supermarkets and start hunting instead but I mean seriously that's not a very easy thing to do.

Of course I do my best to avoid the most unethical choices I could make but it doesn't really change the fact that I'm still making a lot of unethical choices every day, just because I'm too lazy or other things are more important to me than that. I mean, I'd rather watch movies than go hunting every day, you know?

But one thing I'm pretty sure of is that I'm not any better than anyone else here. Everybody is fucking selfish and I'm no exception.
Finarfin a écrit :Is the world going more and more insane?
When you switch on the news it sure looks like the world is getting increasingly mad.

You can also switch off the news and just ignore it all.
Instead of watching news go walking in nature. Instead of reading news, read a novel.

My own feeling is the following.
There are so many things that we can do nothing about. There is so many insane stuff going on in the world. You can focus your energy on it or not.

There are for example people who watch conspiranoid video, s all day.
Watching alex jones (or any other conspiranoid personality) will make you think the world is getting increasingly insane. I think focusing to much on news, insanity and conspiranoid theories make people depressed, angry, confused and mentaly and physicaly ill.
I think moderation is a good thing when taking in news.

Maybe the world is getting increasingly insane. Or maybe it is just as insane as before.
What i am thinking about for the lasts six years is how to keep sane in a insane world.

Sanity is the healthyness of the mind. Being sane is being healthy.
Being healthy is being in balance.
Sanity is living in harmony with nature, with your fellow humans and with the tao.
Sanity is living mindfully. Being mindfull and aware observing the ideas and emotions that play around in the head. Being mindfull is the opposite of walking around half asleep.

Everybody has there own choice as to what it is they like focus there energy.

The truth has been spoken, nice lines..
I am new here Smile

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