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movies & reality
as far as i can see, there have been forming correlations between these worlds or so. movies have ever since they became part of civilisation and society etc etc been having a bigger and bigger impact.
i mean like the masses do have consciousness as well, but it has another dynamic since the individuals that make up the collective are mostly quite unconscious themselves. it can be interesting to study tho, as the idea of archetypes is only one idea that can play a role in that.
and well it also seems as if the mental consumers of the movies do influence the evolution of the productions as well as vice versa. it's a very complex process with its own history and evolution.
it also seems like the evolution of society is influenced by that and a part of it.

in some sense i would even say that movies or parts/aspects of it or so do become reality, because of the great amount of consciousness that has the same images in the energy field so to say. something like that maybe... so it could be there is a resonance that picks up on the subliminal shit on subconscious levels etc etc... you know?? well this can probably be good or bad.
but maybe it's just something to think about and to better understand how the world is doing ...
do you think it also has got to do with divide and rule and subliminal shit is intentionally implanted like that in the brains of the people?? personally i can say that i have often felt hypnotized in a negative way by movies and media in general. i feel like i rather want to be in control of myself, you know??
i don't know i think sometimes this shit is simply too much... what you think??

Yes!! Hollywood is PROPAGANDA-CENTRAL make no mistake. It is owned and run by the elite and their corporate media. The films churned out of there are most definitely means to socially engineer the 'masses'.

Now this is not to say that all films have. I remember having seen amazing films that have deeply inspired me, and which explore very deep subjects that question the matrix, or whatever you want to call an oppressive mindset guiding your life without your real consent. Some of the great films in my past I have seen and remembered have included European directors like Felini, Pasolini. But also some English and America directors---I LOVE Hitchcock movies because he was a master Director--very unique.

But much of Hollywood is working for the Military Industrial-Pharmaceutical-Complex. AND in movies there are predictive programming tricks going on, and references to what the elite are up to, such as pre-9/11 hints of what they had planned!!

Think about it---they get you in a dark room, mesmerized on the silverscreen flashing so many times a second, pushing carefully arranged images and words and music at you that have had MILLIONS of dollars behind them, and isn't this a recipe for mind-control? Who does all this benefit? The same insane empire builders polluting planet Earth right now!
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
hmm well i have a similar impression man... i think it's mostly not like they are trying to directly push their philosophies or whatever you want to call that shit, but more subliminally...
and that can be far worse, because when you subconsciously adopt it then you don't even really know that you adopted it... i have been trying to deal with that, but it's not always easy. well the good thing is that it can also be an opportunity to learn more about yourself etc etc...
hmm i guess it can be good to have a open mind and open eyes, but you should try to notice when others abuse that.. awareness is the key. i suppose it can make the difference whether you know you are being manipulated or not. to put it simple i think they can't do anything to us if we really become aware of how we are being manipulated.
i think it's just shocking how deep that shit can appear to be..
the thing that fucks my mind is that maybe not all manipulation necessarily has to be bad... lol... probably it's just important to be able to trust your subconscious mind and to know who you are...
because i suppose the idea here is whether or how consciously or not consciously we create our own reality, right???
but that's like another case or so... when the conscious awareness has been corrupted, i would say it can be a possibility to hand over the power over it to another person which is called hypnosis.
so i suppose hypnosis has become a subliminal, but very powerful aspect of a lot if not all TV shit.
maybe some people are becoming obsessed wanting to explain how things are interconnected etc etc and shit like that... but yeah it's still important to not believe everything you hear and to be able to doubt logic. because basically we don't want to give away any power of our brains to any so called "elite" or greedy stupid retarded people in general!!!

I think movies are a medium an average man gets to live his dreams which are usually influenced by upbringing, culture or media. Eg: People who deep down want to be a tough guy gangster but didn't become one in real life are obsessed with gangster movies like Godfather. People who like the idea of being a rich & larger than life are fascinated by movies like Batman or Ironman where the hero is a charming billionaire. So basically people are living their life a little from the movies they see. Also, the world is obsessed with good looks & fashion/style, people love to see actors both male & female who are mostly above average looking, charming, incredibly fit & well dressed on screen. Another reason why people watch movies is to feel the emotions brought out from watching them. Eg: action movies give humans an adrenaline rush with a lot of thrill, romantic movies sell the emotion of love & sadness, horror movies tickle the dark side of the human psyche along with some fear.

Movies are a reflection of where society stands in the respective time the movie is released. What I mean to say is people influence movies & movies influence people, it happens both ways. I'm sure some movie makers are consciously trying to influence people, but I believe a lot of them are doing it subconsciously.

I hope there comes a time where the population of the world is less & each person has their basic needs including sex & other entertainment met. A time when people are conscious/aware & extend their love beyond their families & live in harmony with nature simultaneously harnessing the power of science, technology & medicine. THAT is the time where only quality films will be made. At present the movies have too much ego in them & many are made with the main intention of making money. Don't get me wrong, some of the movies made in present times are as entertaining as well. I think some animated movies are really brilliant while having less of an 'ego' but more meaning & entertainment factor to it. Eg: Wall-E, Despicable me, Up etc.

I agree a lot with you "Togoodforyou". And as I see it Wall-E is one of the best movies ever made. =)

Doesn't people watch TV and movies a lot to "escape", and to sort of experience life and emotions without actually doing anything? Simply to sit in the sofa or chair and "borrow" the TVConfused character and emotions.

But why is this so? Why do people do it? (And I have watched A LOT of TV and movies).

Because life is to scary to live on its own? Because so much is forbidden that we're completely locked in? Because, at the same time, the choices in a society are based by such strict norms, by the disciplined and effective-made architecture of streets and buildings, by the bureaucratic institutions funded by the obsolete ideas from the past?

And that leads me to the symbolism of movies - The Matrix so currently the most important I see. We're locked in aren't we? By civilization. By our self's.

I kind of see it as: People watch TV to "borrow" the experiences and emotions they can't live out themselves. People buy things to make themselves "Bigger", instead of acquiring skills and characteristic to broaden themselves.
Why? Because it's easier I guess. And because that's what there is, in society. You can't have a choice you can't see.
dicedalton a écrit :I agree a lot with you "Togoodforyou". And as I see it Wall-E is one of the best movies ever made. =)

And I agree with your post brah =) lovely one

One thing that is positive about watching movies is you can learn something about life from a good movie without experiencing it first hand. It allows you to live a little more and expand your vision a little, also you can avoid making mistakes in real life from the lessons you learn from watching the movie. Example: You see the movie 'The Beach' and you learn that a permanent holiday from life and living without technology is tough, although it may have a positive side. You see people abusing hard drugs in 'Basketball Diaries' or 'Requem for a dream' and realise using heroin/cocaine is like a painful death that destroys your life.

When I say it allows you to live a little more I mean you can experience something fascinating that has happened in the past or in the future right now in the present moment. Example: Someone may be fascinated about the olden times when the Titanic sank a 100 years ago. You want to see what happened and how the vibe of the entire ship was and obviously you can't just jump on a sinking luxurious ship. The movie allows you to live that entire experience in your mind.
I believe that movies have nothing to do with reality. I have hardly watched a movie to which I can relate myself. Even the romance in the movies seems to be too far from reality. So movies are just for the entertainment, one should not attach themselves to the movies.
You should watch some Japanese anime and movies I find them much deeper and satisfying !
^ Animated movies are the future
movies and series... and the power of fantasy. in my opinion it's about good taste and good stories, basically. to make the planet better. maybe you could say individual people have characters, but also the collective can have a character. however i am convinced that people can learn from each other... damn, i can't explain it... i guess people should sometimes really get it by themselves, so to say.
or maybe the question why or how exactly or generally minds are supposedly or not supposedly imprisoned or not imprisoned by for example some movies.
it seems to me, personality cults and shit like that are quite common manifestations of "modern" societies. how people give away their power etc etc... so it can help to be able to be careful and responsible etc etc...
if you ask me, the people should be able to see when someone wants their soul and know what to do then.
more cultivation or so of healthy common sense please!!! :-o
i would say especially visionaries should need to learn about real empathy.

Lets discuss movies that expand your mind without getting too dark in this thread:

Life of Pi is one from my side, Titanic was another. I want to watch Contact

Amongst the animated are Up, Wall-E

Entertaining animated ones are Shrek - All parts, Tintin, Madagascar, Puss in boots
Spirited Away was another mind expanding animated film
Well dude i like the American movies because Every European people have liked the Movies,It has depend on the reality of the life,Am i right dude?????????So what do you say about it dude ?
demmy a écrit :Well dude i like the American movies because Every European people have liked the Movies,It has depend on the reality of the life,Am i right dude?????????So what do you say about it dude ?

If you can't contribute to a topic intelligibly without a condescending attitude I suggest you don't post at all. Think before hitting the reply button 'dude'
Spirited away is great !! Also if you havent watched it in a while, go back to a classic, The Matrix.

Have you guys ever watched The Waking Life ? Thats my favorite so far... It is reaaaally deep ! Theres so much in it you gotta watch it over and over Big Grin
Enjoy !

"If you're going nowhere, any road will lead you there"
Movies do have a very great impact on the society. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative..i guess we have to cope up with the thought that it is ultimately the people who choose.
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I also belive that to but I also like to watch it. I don't attach my self.
http://paydotcom.net/r/9911/caliboe12/27356292/My favorite television show link
no I haven't watch it is it good can u tell me more about it?
http://paydotcom.net/r/9911/caliboe12/27356292/My favorite television show link
like i wrote so many times before: What can pull you down, can also get you up. It all depends on the intention of the movie makers.
You can see movies (media) as a tool or a technique. How this tool is used depends on the person(s) using the tool.

If you have a knife, you can use it to make a sandwich. You can also use a knife to attack and murder a person.
I do not believe the media (film) itself is good or bad. It all depends on what the people making the movie want.
movies sure have great impact in ones life. Me for example, i love to watch those movies with motivational deal with it. Castaway for an instance, this film teach us how to not lose hope even in deepest and darkest days of our life, even in our (some i say) greatest fear, to be alone (literally).
​The best part about being alone is that you really don't have to answer to anybody. You do what you want
in some sense i would even say that movies or parts/aspects of it or so do become reality, because of the great amount of consciousness that has the same images in the energy field so to say. something like that maybe... so it could be there is a resonance that picks up on the subliminal shit on subconscious levels etc etc... you know?? well this can probably be good or bad.
Movies are a form of media and all media have a gigantic effect on society. The written word the printing press the telephone the radio and TV the internet social media they all transformed society in a fundamental way.
Movies are mostly propaganda.
if the mental consumers of the movies do influence the evolution of the productions as well as vice versa. it's a very complex process with its own history and evolution.
There are movies being made all over the world. There is hollywood and bollywood. It,s interresting to see how other cultures are portrait in hollywood movies. Take disney,s aladin or pocohontas for example. What is the image we get from hollywoof of arabs or of native people for example. I think hollywood gives us a distorted view of other cultures. I often get the feeling from watching some of the hollywood movies that americans look down on other cultures and peoples. It,s sort of like in ancient greece or the roman empire they called the other tribes barbarians. The had the idea that there culture was more sophisticated then then the rest. Another example of this i found not in movies but in the joe rogan podcast. There was this one podcast where joe talked about how great american music is and how all good music comes from the usa. I totally disagree with him. If you are an american you might think usa is number one. However when you are not from the usa you see it differently. We in the west are just brainwashed by hollywood to think our western culture is the best. However the people in this western culture are gettin fat and depressive and the people have all kinds of mental emotional and physical problems.
Everyone here should watch Mr Robot. I bet everyone is going crazy all over this movie.
Stand by me (great film)

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