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Ecstasy, the new prescription drug?
This year, the drug MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy, could take a step toward medical respectability.

Researchers in South Carolina have begun experimenting with MDMA for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. At Harvard, a long-awaited pilot study will begin on whether the drug can help relieve anxiety and pain in terminal cancer patients in connection with psychotherapy. And studies will also start in Switzerland and Israel, where a former chief psychiatrist of the Israel Defense Forces will oversee work with people whose PTSD stems from terrorism or war.

This is only a study, it is never go trough that line, only study. My opinion. Sad

http://www.psychonaut.com/index.php?opt ... 02&lang=nl
Goran.Hrsak a écrit :This is only a study, it is never go trough that line, only study. My opinion. Sad

You mean therapeutic use of MDMA? There has been a lot of work in study and practice on this. If I remember correctly, in Thikal of Pihkal, Ann shares a couple of teatments she did with patients herself.

Also I believe in Switserland, mdma has been legal for both treatment and research.
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I don't think it was used in treatment. There has been studies, and there will be a new one starting this year....had 900 applicants and only 60 got chosen heh
Never say Never
I think that there is a future for some possible use of x medicinally.
There is a very powerful movement within academic circles to push the mdma agenda and there are some limited areas of hope.

I think its powerful irony that they are wanting to use it for 'post traumatic stress disorder'

maybe if all these people were using it first they wouldn't have been so quick to charge off to war

"condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"

Albert Einstein
Too bad it usually stays with those if's...

But last couple of years there has been some movement again in the research for psychoactive substances, while all those valuable substances were totally banned after Leary.

40 years behind, hopefully things will be picked up faster in the near future
Citation :t ...on whether the drug can help relieve anxiety and pain in terminal cancer patients in connection with psychotherapy.

Of course it can! It can relieve any anxiety and any pain in anybody, even without psychotherapy! Why do you believe it's so popular? :roll:
The Gnomes have learned a new way to say hoooray!

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