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General Psychonautics
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Everything can be placed here that has no place in the other threads, like lucid dreaming, combinations of psychedelics, you name it, it's here.
Sous-Forums :
Psychonautic News,
Legalization Strategies,
Psychonautic Research

2,312 6,592
Is there a possibility to...
21st September 2017, 11:16, Cheriwalsh7
Natural Psychedelics
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Psychoactive plants and natural compounds
Sous-Forums :
Salvia Divinorum,
Ayahuasca, DMT,
Other Psychoactive Plants

4,258 17,151
The Truth about DMT and o...
19th September 2017, 01:42, Austin112
Synthetic Psychedelics
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All your questions and experiences with chemicals such as XTC, MDMA, DXM, LSD, GHB, Cocaine, Amphetamine, ketamine and others...
Sous-Forums :
Research Chemicals (EN)

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Most Popular Synthetic Dr...
20th September 2017, 07:45, Cheriwalsh7
Art & Philosophy
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The place to get into things a little deeper.
Sous-Forums :
Meditation, yoga, qigong etc.,
Nutrition and Health,
Videos, Music and Links

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The "Truth" about DMT and...
18th September 2017, 15:13, snap2
Trip Reports
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Tell us what happened.
206 355
The Truth about DMT and o...
14th September 2017, 14:00, Cheriwalsh7
Harm reduction
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Discussions about harm reduction and other drugs: stimulants, opiates, etc. Only harm reduction topics, no trip reports
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18 41
Awareness: Promoting Safe...
9th August 2017, 10:47, Cheriwalsh7
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Off topic discussion. Everything else can go in here: stories about your dog, the weather, your personal problems, etcetera...
Sous-Forums :
Politics, Legal issues & The Media,
Introduce Yourself,
Events and Friends

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Topic of Conversation, Fu...
15th September 2017, 10:18, Cheriwalsh7

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