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I have noticed that several links on this page/forum are not working. like the "last weeks top posting members".. If you click on a name t view the profile, you get redirected to the homepage (it should be index.php and not profile.php i think)

also, if youre on the homepage, you can also see the random picture on the right top. but if you click it you dont get to see the picture, it just takes you to the gallery index.

just a few remarks. its not that bad but if its an easy fix perhaps you can fix it. and if you were already aware of this im sorry Tongue
Hi BombSki,
Yes thanks for your post, the links are not working indeed.
I will look where to fix it and change the link.
The profile link is fixed, pfffft that was hard to find.

Any more to complain? :wink:
hehe rutger already got a PM about a typo Wink
if i find more fuck ups i will let ya know Wink :twisted:

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