Rating system for photo's
How does the rating suystem for photo's work? I just foted zero stars for some cocaine that was in the second place in the top 10 image list, caus I dont feel like its at home in a psychonaut comunity, and after that it was on top? strange system.
The turtle moves!
hmm strange
maybe the number 1 got 2 bad votes at that time ?
and cause of the dropping down a place the cocaine photo rose to the top ? ?
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Yes the top 10 is not really a good representation of reality. Its just a feature that is in the module that makes up the photo gallery. Think that the best rated give you the best effect. I admit its not perfect yet, I will have a look at it again.
Seems like an old problem coming back again, a bit strange, but at least it is probably easy to fix.

Thanks for your post, I will look into it.

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